Every year before we decorate our Christmas tree, we have our Mitten Tree drive for the Charitable Union. Our families bring in hats, mittens, scarves, etc. to hang on the tree. After Thanksgiving, these items are taken to the Charitable Union for distribution to the needy families in our community.

We participate in the annual Stuff-A-Bus summer campaign that collects school supplies for children in need in our local schools. It’s organized by CityLinC, a non-profit organization serving Calhoun County.

One of our favorite opportunities to serve in our community is during our annual Children’s Choir. During choir camp, we bring food items to the pantry and add labels to the items they have. These labels tell the families about the love of God. Also, as an offering during our performances, families are encouraged to bring food items as our offering to the Food Pantry.

Our church supports Project Hope Ministries whose mission is to offer support and resources to children living in Colombia. This includes mission trips, support for adoptive families, and programs that provide education, nutrition, and support to children living in poverty.