• Reach out to individuals, doing our best to meet their spiritual, social, and physical needs.
  • Introduce people to Jesus Christ
  • Encourage believers to live a life that is pleasing to God
  • Provide a place of collective worship with an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance

Jesus spent much of his time with children because he knew how special they are. Following his example, we are committed to providing quality ministry to children and teens in order to reach them and their families for Jesus Christ.

We love to praise and worship God! The entire congregation is invited and encouraged to participate in the singing of contemporary choruses and hymns. These songs are led by our praise team and are accompanied by our praise band. We encourage you to worship in whatever way you like, whether it’s lifting your voice, raising your hands, or clapping along with the beat. We believe that no matter what the worship style, God is glorified when our hearts are open to Him.

We have a solid biblical foundation. We believe that the Bible is the truth given to us by God and that it contains everything we need to live a life that is pleasing to Him. To that end, sermons are easy to understand, yet present a challenge to live according to God’s principles.

What We Believe
The History of Garrison Hills Wesleyan Church