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    Looking forward to hearing your praises!

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    Dawn says:

    After Ben was told last couple of months Pfizer would be making cuts, we are thankful and praising God he still has a job going from 3rd shift to 2nd next month

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    Erin Lopez says:

    Praise God for allowing us the peace and comfort to return to church this morning. It felt so good to see everyone and hear the beautiful holiday message in Lessons & Carols.

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      Kay Weesner says:

      I’m sorry that I never even saw you guys on Sunday. BUT, it was a huge joy to see Sophia and to be able to give her a hug! She has gotten so tall and has matured so much since I’ve seen her.

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    Erin Lopez says:

    Merry Christmas to our church family.

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    Sarah Bortz says:

    I want to praise God!!! I got a new job! I started at Battle Creek Eye Clinic as a receptionist!!!

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    Dick Schlee says:

    Pray for continued health and work for family. Pray friends who have lost loved ones recently. We have had several such cases.

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    Ashleigh Jex says:

    I am thankful for Pastor Rick who is willing to tackle the prevalent issues in our society and meet them with scripture. It helps us to see that the world we live in is not a “never before seen” issue, but part of the Fall. We CAN and should look into the Bible for comfort during this time of uncertainty because God has seen it before and He knows our future. Thank you, Pastor Rick for leading us during this difficult time always toward the Truth.

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    Dawn says:

    Amen! Thank you Ashleigh for posting that!!

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    Dick Schlee says:

    Judy Carpo should be Crapo. Died this evening. Not sure if I have to do a funeral service. Keep me and family in prayer.

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    Erin Lopez says:

    Praise God- Ron’s tests were finally negative for the blood infection. Hopefully he will get to come home today from the hospital. This has sure been a trying week for sure.

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    Dawn says:

    Thank you to God for allowing Dawn to now not only do car rides with her mom after several weeks of only window visits with her in assisted living, but that special permission has now been given to go visit her mom in her room twice a week as she has been declining rapidly from depression & dementia.

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    Sara Cleland says:

    Caren (from Colombia) has finally been given a surgery date of next Tuesday, February 2. Hoping it will take care of the pain she has been in.

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      Tanza says:

      Any update on Caren? Did she have surgery and was it successful?

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        Yes, she had the surgery and is doing very well. Thank you for your prayers.

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    Erin Lopez says:

    Praise God ~Ron’s surgery went well. God is so good!

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