A Message From the Pastor

I cannot remember a time that the church wasn’t a part of my life.  My parents always saw to it that church was available to me even when they did not attend.  In fact, if it were not for the influence of Sunday School teachers, I do not believe God would have the place he has in my heart and life today.  It’s because of the influence of Christian adults in my life that I not only felt called to the Christian life, but that I sensed God’s call to ministry.  Those two events did not occur at the same time.  In fact, ministry is a second career for me.  My wife and I served the church as lay people for the first 15 years of our marriage while I serviced computers.  Thanks to my pastor I had the opportunity to be exposed to ministry and ministerial training.  It was during this training that I sensed God’s call to full time service.  Wanting confirmation, I did not tell anyone of my call.  I asked God to confirm His call to me through another individual, and about 6 months later, my pastor suggested that I consider full time ministry.

It is my desire as pastor to provide the same opportunities to lay people today.  The mission of the church is to disciple believers.  It is my hope that in this process, the atmosphere will be created that will allow individuals to hear and respond to God’s call.  I believe the success of the church is not just how many people are brought to Christ, but whether those individuals find their purpose in Christ.  It is my desire to see that happen here at Garrison Hills.

– Pastor Rick